Saturday, October 23, 2010

Uproar over nude Yoga

A video featuring Playboy archetypal Sara Jean Underwood assuming assorted yoga postures while naked, has acquired abuse in the Indian community.

The animated video is accessible for examination on the Playboy website and the use of the age-old address as erotica has annoyed many, appear Ace Showbiz online.

Hindu elder Rajan Zed has taken aim at Playboy administration saying, "Hindus are agitated over what is the abusage of the admired arrangement of yoga by Playboy for bartering acquisitiveness and we are advancement the organisation to abjure all its yoga-related products."

The video was acquaint online to advance DVD titles 'Erotic Nude Yoga', 'Totally Nude Yoga' and 'Erotic Yoga for Couples'.

"Yoga is one of the six systems of accepted Hindu aesthetics and it is awful admired in Hinduism. Playboy should not attack to alter the admired yoga attitude as it hurts the admirers of yoga," said Zed.