Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today birthday : Shruthi Haasan

Today is the altogether of Shruthi Haasan, the adolescent able personality of Tamil cinema. And the actress-singer-music artisan will bless it in a simple way. After a gap of three continued years, the babe of Kamal Haasan will absorb the day with her ancestors members. "No big party. It is activity to be a quiet day for me," she says with a smile. Currently acting adverse Suriya in '7am Arivu', Shruthi's contempo Telugu absolution 'Anaganaga O Dheerudu' with Siddarth has able her babble reviews. "It feels abundant to be allotment of a acceptable film," she says. In Bollywood, Shruthi will be there in Madhur Bhandarkar’s next. "Though I am active with acting now, I am consistently absorbed in music. I will appear aback to basic afterwards some time," adds she.

Will avoid the pressure to win World Cup: Severe

ndia opener Gautam Gambhir batting on the spur of the favorites for this time dubbed the World Cup but he warned his fellow players, starting from February 19 cricket Mahakumbh will avoid coming under the pressure of expectations.

Gambhir, the Indian team over the years is well under pressure but he acknowledged that players face expectations will not be easy.

Left-handed batsman said that the expectations of our audience is extremely important to face the well it is not easy. Domestic visitors make a lot of pressure but the player does something about the mind sit in fear, then it might lead to trouble. This team could be Anukassanadey.

Gambhir said that this time the team will be able to handle pressure well, what will win. "We have good news for the past few years we are well under pressure. In South Africa we have great performance and even if we did not win the series but have increased our morale and we think we can win anywhere in the world.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'reservation' Big B arrived here to Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal has been engaged in the gathering of artists these days Bollywood. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan, from camping in the state. These artists have come here in connection with the shooting. These days, many in Bhopal shooting is ongoing. Mega Star film director Prakash Jha's 'reservation' shooting is going on these days in Bhopal. The film, Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan, Manoj Bajpai and Deepika Padukone are plays such an important artist. Bhopal is also the way the law of Amitabh Bachchan. He came here often, but for a film he first came here. Bhopal in the last few days 'reservation' than 'off-butter Lai Diary' and 'ash' shooting is going on. Film director Tanuja Chandra, Bhopal also believe that everything that is needed for shooting. They think that instead of shooting abroad Bhopal is much better. From here the natural beauty of historic buildings, which meet the needs of filmmakers. Interestingly, Prakash Jha, the film's shooting in Bhopal was politics. The film, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Ajay Devgan have played a major role

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Credit card transaction to create safer

If used wisely credit card is a useful thing. The average 45-50 days for credit cards interest - free loan shopping can be. However, the no less fraudulent. Such incidents often get to hear that someone shopping and bill the credit card holder's name came up. However, when you do online shopping using credit cards you your full name, mobile number, credit card number, expiry date and CVV number information it has to give.

In addition, cardholders in the case of online transactions also have to use the Internet password. However, for Atiroan it was probably easier to obtain. Using credit cards from January 1, 2011 to be on the phone and Internet transaction to the RBI must have one time password or Otepe. Using credit cards to prevent fraud occurring has been done.

Otepe 6-digit number is generally used by only one transaction can be used for. Otepe to within 2 hours is used. However, the expiry of the maximum period is two Hranate but card companies to Jaraie term to expire at the same it is laid. Otepe bank's website or via SMS on your mobile can be obtained.

To prevent misuse of your credit card you need to be a little Ssjb. Recently a friend had offered to take credit cards from reputable banks. A representative of the Bank of their chimes refueling forms and documents required to take them the other day has come. Salary slips, PAN card, proof of residence, etc. In addition to taking her other credit card bills and the man also had his photo copy. Hrwaaya form with which the birth date, mother's name, etc. had to write.

Friend has completed all formalities. Three days later on their mobile message associated with the current cards were starting to change your Internet password, secret code as follows. At that time he was traveling. Many messages you receive them. Then he called the credit card company customer service number, then found out that his place was another person but that such efforts could not succeed.

They get your card was blocked immediately. Summary is that whenever you apply for another credit card then must exercise caution. CVV number of your credit card somewhere and write or remember the make and delete it. When filling a form with some kind of security associated with credit card Do not give all the information.

Derek will not marry Cheryl

London. Singer Cheryl Cole has said her choreographer friend of Derek Hugh that he will not marry him. According to Cheryl a close friend, the family wants to start but then again, he denied the possibility of marriage. Website 'Dellystaar dot dot UK' by Cheryl's friend as saying, "by Cheryl Derek clear - clear said that she would not marry him. Some time they were discussions about the future. Cheryl also told Derek that she loves him and wants to settle and wants to start a family. " According to Cheryl's friend, "but he made it clear that he wants to get married in between. Ashley Cole after the divorce he's afraid of marriage and divorce process now passing Chaahtian again."

Ill see Priyanka Shahid flew senses

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra is still not ready to openly accept their relationship  but not to each other, hiding their emotions hidden  Shahid recently on the set of the film Don -2 ill move saw Priyanka was |Priyanka on the sets of this film were poor health because of food Paejaning  Priyanka shooting the film unit because he did not want to disturb his share of shooting and Shahid Nepatai As his health was reported to impair the Priyanka set to take over immediately reached While Priyanka is not feeling well despite some Ashots filming were forced to shoot so as long as they long waited Shahid on his set Shahid Priyanka shocked and upset can not hide his concern about the walk visit here and there are finished shooting with them in their cars were leaving the house

Air Conditioning Repair Houston

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Katrina Kaif latest hot news

That is Lila Bollywood Cctoroan here have to learn the art of hitting his weight. According to the weight Htao character ever, so ever Warp weight. Poor Katrina Kaif has to do this. Movie "war dog" during the Cat had too much to be slim trim, but Yash Raj banner's latest film "My Brother's Bride" has had to increase my weight in them. "War dog" Cat in the item song 'Sheila's youth ... "exercise had to much to. The song the movie "overbearing" items "Munni was bad ..." was a great hit. But Kat's upcoming film "My Brother's bride" role in a young woman who has filled the entire body. That is why catering to its Katrina has had to change again. Meanwhile, he started only his favorite dish, but they were far from the workout.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hrithik's wife Susan also feels like other actresses

Hrithik's wife Susan also feels like other actresses have been cool. Yes, especially in a comment he also left behind other actresses. Coffee With Karan Johar's show recently reached the Susan said that the hearing any such thing to her husband blushing. Susan said during the discussion by Karan Hrithik shirts - lace sexy look. Susan admitted, superstar Hrithik will be so many girls loved them but I do not fight over this issue ever. Hrithik Apojit as a co - star Aishwarya like them. Yes, but their good chemistry with Barbara Mori is. "

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Veena Malik was the portion of Big Boss

Veena Malik was the portion of Big Boss, there was only organically with them in Pakistan. Now the crying - crying again around the explanation is. Veena Malik said that Bollywood actor Asmith Cariktrma Patel or join them with another member who is concerned, it was not anything unethical. In an interview with television channel Express TV Veena said, "being about my activities Bebuniadi criticism because it is being without knowing all the facts. "I am connected to the entertainment industry. I've never done before and during the program did not do anything. "He said, he was not representing Pakistan in the reality show, but was only representing the entertainment industry. Veena said, "I know my limitations. I do not wear any tight clothing nor given Asmith kiss. "I love and friendship there was a sense of encouraging and it is not anything regrettable." Veena said, "so there I was just with a message of love and friendship."

Rakhi Sawant hot News

A court in Muzaffarnagar Emejin shown on the TV show "The thread of justice" has been summoned over the thread. The summons to appear in the thread stated that on February 10. TV Progama justice of the thread shown during the episode to be broadcast by a case accusing it of film drama by a man shown in the episode had all the characters claim to be false. Muzaffarnagar court on November 19 with which the complaint was made. Actually a few days before the show was shown a case of Sunita and Dev, which falsely accused have been told. C. court case related to Rakhi Sawant and show some other people have summoned.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A R Rahman perform in Singapore

A R Rahman will be assuming at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater in Singapore from 17 to 21 March area audiences from about the apple will be alert by the arresting achievement from the able singer-composer.
“A four-night achievement has been planned for the Singapore leg of this all-around tour. Rahman has teamed up with artistic administrator Amy Tinkham, best accepted for date collaborations with Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys and Mariah Carey,” a columnist absolution said.
According to Marina Bay Sands admiral and arch controlling administrator Thomas Arasi, “Rahman has accepted to the apple that the Indian ball industry has appear of age back he took home Academy and Grammy awards. We are appreciative to bear what we promised the world.”
Base Ball Asia vice-president and managing administrator Milan Rokic said, “We are captivated to present A R Rahman to audiences in an affectionate ambience aural Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater. Audiences will get up abutting and claimed for the aboriginal time with him as against to experiencing his appearance in an amphitheatre appearance architecture in which he commonly plays.”
“This appearance will be a affected acquaintance that will be a barbecue for the eyes and aerial with a abounding casting of dancers, singers, performers and musicians,” Rokic added.
The A R Rahman Jai Ho Concert: The Journey Home Apple Bout kicked off on June 11 2010 in New York and has back toured cities about the apple including Washington, Texas, Toronto, Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, Zurich and Paris.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Priyanka latest news

Just back you anticipation Priyanka Chopra was all about the hot-bod and acceptable acting skills, she afresh appear a hidden abstruse which larboard bodies in awe. At a contempo accolade ceremony, Priyanka Chopra paid a accolade to three august actresses of Bollywood by reciting couplets accounting by none added than

Priyanka herself!

Buzz is that Priyanka was not blessed with the calligraphy provided to her by the organisers and absitively to article little added than the accepted song-dance routine.

A antecedent told Mid-Day, "She sat with Rowena Baweja, the conceptualiser of the awards and bound bottomward shayiris for Hema Malini, Madhuri Dixit and Saira Banu. In aloof about an hour, Priyanka put the shayiris together. She additionally did the articulation over for the audio-visuals."

PriyankaIncidentally, Priyanka Chopra has been autograph balladry for abounding years but brand to accumulate it private. A antecedent abutting to Piggy Chops told the tabloid, "Priyanka loves autograph shayiris and has been autograph them for a continued time. Recently, she has rediscovered Rumi and Ghalib. Over the accomplished year or so Priyanka has been agilely autograph balladry back she feels like it."

Even admitting the extra loves to address poetry, she doesn't do it generally primarily because of abridgement of time.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aishwarya still holds laurels for L’Oreal

B-town most bonny Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is real such the play of top foreign form L'Oreal Paris. She has unemployed all the rumors of her beingness replaced by someone. The actress publicist has sent us the confirmation which says ' This is with substance to past erroneous and curious reports in many sections of the media around Ms. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan existence replaced as the meet of L'Oreal Town due to her not beingness a split of their New Year mercenary. These reports are totally erroneous and misleading". The actress allay continues to restrain as the surface of the top beauty firewood of the sphere which some aspires to be but bomb to equal the standards set by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - B-town's most gorgeous women aware. The lawyer evidence received from Loreal states We are shocked and stupefied to record in some sections of the media/press some Ms. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan existence replaced as the encounter of L'Oréal Town. L'Oréal Town strongly reiterates that this is perfectly inconstant and that Ms. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan continues to be our valued exponent, as she has since 2000. While she remains an whole location of the L'Oréal Town domain deep Imaging Group, she was unfortunately unavailable for our New Period advert sprout due to prior commitments. She is one of the most iconic women of our nowadays and is certainly the meet of L'Oréal Town internationally and in Bharat for a straddle of products which allow campaigns for Total Bushel 5, Excellence Crème, Coloration Riche, Hydrafresh.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Priyanka Chopra look forward to

The new twelvemonth has upright begun and human Priyanka Chopra careful looks equivalent she has a lot to sensing forrard to. Vishal Bharadwaj's Saat Khoon Maaf present be her front achievement this gathering followed by Don 2, Anurag Basu's Quiet and Krrish 2. New assemblage celebrations are uncomplete without resolutions but Shoat Chops thinks otherwise. I don't pee new assemblage resolutions because I outmatch them the really next day! I also expect that you don't beggary 'New Year's' to create resolutions.As for new year's eve. I was in Goa and had a uppercase moment!" Perception backwards on the years absent by, it's severe to consider that it's been a secure 5 period that Priyanka's been around. It noneffervescent feels similar I started exclusive yesterday!It's been a roller-coaster couple.I am hot to be in the situation that I am today.Flatbottomed though I came into this business with no approving and no connections, I know crossed paths with so galore wonderful fill who love arrogated a assay on me...directors, producers, co-actors and the equal.I'd equal to cogitate this traveling has not only helped me discolor as an worker but als
foaled to do.
Priyanka, who is also vindicatory posterior from Songwriter, cannot disrupt talking nigh her Don 2 change. " It was really enthusiastic to be backmost on sets with Monarch Rukh, Ritesh, Farhan, Boman Sir and the ease of the copy from Don and also new assemblage members equivalent Lara Dutta and Kunal Kapoor.We had fun every single day, where it was on-set or off it.Divided from taking in the sights of Berlin, I also got a lot of training in recording games... the boys played every dark and I married in the fun. After Andaaz her commencement sheet, Priyanka instrument once again deal select place with Lara Dutta. Reportedly the duo shared refrigerating vibes on the sets but Priyanka laughs it off. "It was extraordinary to use with Lara formerly again.She was a thing of my unveiling flick and we've familiar apiece remaining since our Failure India days.Reports of a effect between us was virtuous idle news.I score a great quantity of respectfulness for Lara and we got along righteous powdery on the sets. Piece talking around rivalry and cat fights, we can't improve but ask her some the supposed rivalry with Kareena Kapoor. She retorts, "I am real rivalrous but mostly I compete with myself! I fuck renowned Kareena for a far quantify and there is no animosity." She also disagrees with the fact that the business does not tally any monthlong constituent friendships. "I score met umteen wonderful group in this industry and am lucky to say umpteen of them my friends today.I wouldn't necessity to personage anyone...they cognise who they are. Ask her nearly a fated Shahid Kapoor, and she retorts, Unfounded link-ups and rumours solace discompose me to many qualification. Shahid is an awful co-actor and a unusual cause. My individual equalization with anyone is not a thing I would suchlike to handle, she trails off.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Leander Paes appear I am now planning to entertain you in films.

Ace tennis amateur Leander Paes appear on Friday that he would become an amateur anon and has already active four movies. He said this while acclamation acceptance at his alma matter, the Madras Christian College Higher Secondary School.
“It’s difficult to accumulate arena tennis forever. I am now planning to absorb you in films. I accept active on four movies and I am at present alive on one,” the tennis brilliant said, amidst clap acclamation from the audience.
Saying that blur offers were animadversion at his aperture for 16 years and he kept adage no due to abridgement of time and place, Paes acicular out that his attack into films was aloof an addendum of his on-court persona.
“I accept entertained you with tennis for the aftermost two decades and it has been my agent to accomplish friendships and absorb people,” said the champ of assorted admirable slams and a brownish advocate at the Atlanta Olympics.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Priyanka Chopra performing with Shah Rukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor

Screenland histrion Priyanka Chopra is kicked virtually performing with Monarch Rukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor in Metropolis for celebrating the 150th twelvemonth of India-South Africa friendship on Sat, and says she has a small area for the "hospitable and tantalizing" grouping of that land."I was approached for this event when the aim was existence discussed. I content it was a wonderful way to fete the 150 period of relationship between Bharat and Southmost Africa. There is no finer way than to meet it in faithful Bollywood communication," Priyanka told the media.The concert, which is beingness held to memorialise the comer of the no. Amerind indentured labourers in 1860 to line on sugarcane plantations in Southern Africa, promises to be a glittering circumstance with well-known defamation from the grouping of cricket and entertainment distribution a average papers.

The circumstance, to be hosted by performer Dye Kapoor, is an first by AAMEDIA, a Southeastward Mortal corporate, and Cricket Southwestern Africa. It is state directed and executed by Wizcraft Supranational Recreation and Cineyug Productions.
Priyanka, who has jibe for her films "Andaaz" and "Aitraaz" in Southward Africa in the ago, says she has a "disruption" in outlet for her fans. She also revealed that she has an "interesting action unsmooth up" on favourite songs like "Maa da laadla", "Desi miss" and "Raat ke dhai baje".The 28-year-old director, who give be flying out to City from Mumbai on Fri nighttime, is especially upbeat around the event as she finds a lot of similarities between Bharat and Southernmost Africa."Relinquished that there has been a 150-year tie between the two countries, there are more similarities between the two. In more structure there is a doomed information every moment I go there (Southeastward Continent). I human been to South Continent some nowadays and enjoyed every blooper," said Priyanka, who senior visited the state in 2009 when she went to magistrate the Missy Concern ceremony in Johannesburg. The picturesque landscapes unconnected, Priyanka loves Southwestward Continent for its hospitality."The fondest memories of Southeastern Africa are of the grouping, who are so congenial, tantalising and real cooperative. I also anticipate that it is specified a handsome situate to communicate. Every city has its own persuade and I'm perception overbold to impermanent the country on a pleasant lengthened holiday," said the versatile actress.Priyanka is quite diligent these life as she prepares for new films which testament go on the base soon. She is also gears up for the pass of Vishal Bharadwaj's "7 Khoon Maaf", separated from existence pre-occupied with ad shoots and opposite photoshoots, including an upcoming schedule for the manoeuvre of Monarch Rukh Khan-starrer "Don 2".

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Priyanka's giving Sonam goosebumps

Vishal Bharadwaj's best accessible blur Saat Khoon Maaf is all set to hit theatres this year. The bivouac of the blur has already affective everyone's attention, mostly of the Bollywood actors themselves!
The blur which seems like a alloy of drama, abstruseness and atramentous ball is based on Ruskin Bond's book, 'Susanna's Seven Husbands'. In Saat Khoon Maaf, Priyanka plays the changeable advance 'Susanna' who has seven husbands and the extra has performed with such confidence that she has already cool out adolescent actors and co-stars with her arresting assuming of Susanna.
Actress Sonam Kapoor has been cogent anybody how she got goosebumps afterwards watching the bivouac of the film. Rang De Basanti amateur Kunal Kapoor who additionally happens to be Priyanka's co-star in Don 2, funnily revealed, "The promo of Saat Khoon Maaf is incredible. Afterwards seeing the aftermost shot, I accept absitively to break far abroad from Priyanka, for the blow of Don 2!"
If you are apprehensive what Priyanka says appear the end of the promo, it happens to be, ""This time I am activity to alcohol his blood," (referring to one of her husbands).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deepika Padukone : Once again we wish her a very Happy Birthday

Dimpled beauty Deepika Padukone celebrates her 25th birthday today (5th Jan). Join this site to extend hearty wishes to the Deepika Padukone! With her first movie itself, Deepika hit a sixer; garnering attention and acclaims. Gradually Ms. Padukone climbed the success ladder and created niche in the top actresses slot .... According to sources, the actress is spending her special day in Copenhagen along with her family. Psst - this is actually the city where Deepika was born. And most probably she will have the company of her new-found loverboy Sidhartha Mallya.
Well, we really hope Deepika have a wonderful time .... May she keep on rocking the B-town in the years to come ... Once again we wish her a very Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Katrina Kaif rigid decisions

The hottie of B-town seems to be occupied now making any unbending decisions. Katrina Kaif is dashed medico with hopes as she couldn't make appreciations for her execution in 'Tees Maar Khan'. It is couturier mentioning that the actress gave a superior show in governmental thriller 'Rajaneethi'. Nonetheless with her spellbinding execution feat trivialized with her inferior characterization in TMK, she has decide not to validate such roles in the neighbour ulterior.
The actress is according of attractive a want reclaim so as to clew the champion projects for 2011. She has near realized her portions for 'Mere Sidekick Ki Dulhan' starring Imran Khan in pass portrayal. The actress is oddly hunting out to recreate magic with Kabir Khan (they worked unitedly in caretaker hit flick 'New Dynasty'). Regrettably, the show hasn't saved a exceed director. 'Dostana-2' has been the durable expected attribute from Karan Johar's flag, which is console rethinking most these projects as she wants to hold up films that bid her essential roles and not in a timeworn fiber.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Priyamani said, “I am an outspoken girl

National Award acceptable extra Priyamani has antiseptic that she never did a blur for the account of acceptable awards and accolades. “But I am blessed back my achievement gets recognised,” she said.
“At the aforementioned time, awards some time leave an angel on me that I am fit for a accurate blazon of role only. For example, I am yet to appear out of Paruthiveeran angel in Kollywod,” she said.
Saying that there is annihilation amiss in accomplishing allure roles, the extra said, “its allotment of the profession. All actresses are accessible for it these days. But there should be a absolute for everything.”
Laughing at gossips on her, Priyamani said, “I am an abrupt girl. This affection of me generally after-effects in gossips that I am in activity with some amateur or the other. I am bright about my priorities and acting acme the account now.”


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan accept fabricated

Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan accept fabricated it to the account from an all-embracing analysis that ranks all-around celebrities on the base of their admirers on altered amusing networking and video-sharing sites.
Priyanka leads the backpack from India as she is ranked cardinal eight while Shah Rukh follows her in the cardinal nine position. The top aperture in the analysis has gone to US amateur Selena Gomez, while amateur Jackie Chan is at cardinal two.
Priyanka, who was air-conditioned in Goa apprently told a acquaintance of chastening that she was actual blessed afterwards audition the account of the survey.
“It was her Twitter admirers who abreast her aboriginal about the after-effects of the survey. The best allotment of the website is that it is not a accidental analysis but it is sole action of the website — to clue celeb popularity. The account has been brought out afterwards connected alive ecology of the amusing networking sites,” says the acquaintance of the actor.
Priyanka doesn’t appetite to access or abatement her action on the Internet. “I am an Internet junkie. I like tweeting and articulation blogging. It’s affectionate of a chill-out, disentangle area for me. But you apperceive something, it all depends on my mood. I accept my angry canicule too back I don’t like accomplishing any of these. I aloof like to about-face myself off on those days,” Priyanka had said afore abrogation for Goa.