Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Credit card transaction to create safer

If used wisely credit card is a useful thing. The average 45-50 days for credit cards interest - free loan shopping can be. However, the no less fraudulent. Such incidents often get to hear that someone shopping and bill the credit card holder's name came up. However, when you do online shopping using credit cards you your full name, mobile number, credit card number, expiry date and CVV number information it has to give.

In addition, cardholders in the case of online transactions also have to use the Internet password. However, for Atiroan it was probably easier to obtain. Using credit cards from January 1, 2011 to be on the phone and Internet transaction to the RBI must have one time password or Otepe. Using credit cards to prevent fraud occurring has been done.

Otepe 6-digit number is generally used by only one transaction can be used for. Otepe to within 2 hours is used. However, the expiry of the maximum period is two Hranate but card companies to Jaraie term to expire at the same it is laid. Otepe bank's website or via SMS on your mobile can be obtained.

To prevent misuse of your credit card you need to be a little Ssjb. Recently a friend had offered to take credit cards from reputable banks. A representative of the Bank of their chimes refueling forms and documents required to take them the other day has come. Salary slips, PAN card, proof of residence, etc. In addition to taking her other credit card bills and the man also had his photo copy. Hrwaaya form with which the birth date, mother's name, etc. had to write.

Friend has completed all formalities. Three days later on their mobile message associated with the current cards were starting to change your Internet password, secret code as follows. At that time he was traveling. Many messages you receive them. Then he called the credit card company customer service number, then found out that his place was another person but that such efforts could not succeed.

They get your card was blocked immediately. Summary is that whenever you apply for another credit card then must exercise caution. CVV number of your credit card somewhere and write or remember the make and delete it. When filling a form with some kind of security associated with credit card Do not give all the information.