Sunday, January 23, 2011

Veena Malik was the portion of Big Boss

Veena Malik was the portion of Big Boss, there was only organically with them in Pakistan. Now the crying - crying again around the explanation is. Veena Malik said that Bollywood actor Asmith Cariktrma Patel or join them with another member who is concerned, it was not anything unethical. In an interview with television channel Express TV Veena said, "being about my activities Bebuniadi criticism because it is being without knowing all the facts. "I am connected to the entertainment industry. I've never done before and during the program did not do anything. "He said, he was not representing Pakistan in the reality show, but was only representing the entertainment industry. Veena said, "I know my limitations. I do not wear any tight clothing nor given Asmith kiss. "I love and friendship there was a sense of encouraging and it is not anything regrettable." Veena said, "so there I was just with a message of love and friendship."