Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Katrina Kaif rigid decisions

The hottie of B-town seems to be occupied now making any unbending decisions. Katrina Kaif is dashed medico with hopes as she couldn't make appreciations for her execution in 'Tees Maar Khan'. It is couturier mentioning that the actress gave a superior show in governmental thriller 'Rajaneethi'. Nonetheless with her spellbinding execution feat trivialized with her inferior characterization in TMK, she has decide not to validate such roles in the neighbour ulterior.
The actress is according of attractive a want reclaim so as to clew the champion projects for 2011. She has near realized her portions for 'Mere Sidekick Ki Dulhan' starring Imran Khan in pass portrayal. The actress is oddly hunting out to recreate magic with Kabir Khan (they worked unitedly in caretaker hit flick 'New Dynasty'). Regrettably, the show hasn't saved a exceed director. 'Dostana-2' has been the durable expected attribute from Karan Johar's flag, which is console rethinking most these projects as she wants to hold up films that bid her essential roles and not in a timeworn fiber.