Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Katrina Kaif latest hot news

That is Lila Bollywood Cctoroan here have to learn the art of hitting his weight. According to the weight Htao character ever, so ever Warp weight. Poor Katrina Kaif has to do this. Movie "war dog" during the Cat had too much to be slim trim, but Yash Raj banner's latest film "My Brother's Bride" has had to increase my weight in them. "War dog" Cat in the item song 'Sheila's youth ... "exercise had to much to. The song the movie "overbearing" items "Munni was bad ..." was a great hit. But Kat's upcoming film "My Brother's bride" role in a young woman who has filled the entire body. That is why catering to its Katrina has had to change again. Meanwhile, he started only his favorite dish, but they were far from the workout.