Thursday, January 27, 2011

Will avoid the pressure to win World Cup: Severe

ndia opener Gautam Gambhir batting on the spur of the favorites for this time dubbed the World Cup but he warned his fellow players, starting from February 19 cricket Mahakumbh will avoid coming under the pressure of expectations.

Gambhir, the Indian team over the years is well under pressure but he acknowledged that players face expectations will not be easy.

Left-handed batsman said that the expectations of our audience is extremely important to face the well it is not easy. Domestic visitors make a lot of pressure but the player does something about the mind sit in fear, then it might lead to trouble. This team could be Anukassanadey.

Gambhir said that this time the team will be able to handle pressure well, what will win. "We have good news for the past few years we are well under pressure. In South Africa we have great performance and even if we did not win the series but have increased our morale and we think we can win anywhere in the world.