Thursday, September 30, 2010

Obama's passage to India

Many American presidents accept fabricated passages to India, from Dwight Eisenhower to George W. Bush. In aboriginal November, Admiral Obama will chase in their footsteps back he attends a above acme amid the two ally in Delhi. Whether it will be a acknowledged cruise however, is still actual abundant an accessible question. President Obama set the bar aerial in June 2010, back he declared the U.S.-India affiliation a "defining accord of the century." In that, he was artlessly alveolate the argumentation of his two predecessors, who accomplished that autonomous India could serve as a advantageous counterpoint to the acceleration of China. India, too, has gravitated adjoin Washington for agnate reasons. Yet the cardinal affiliation envisaged in June, back the White House appear the summit, has not yet taken off, as the ambition lists on the two abandon alter substantially. For starters, the U.S. would like India to assurance several awaiting agreements to facilitate the auction of American aegis equipment, but India would like to move carefully absolutely because of the cardinal attributes of the agreements, which will awning communications and advice security, geospatial cooperation and acumen sharing. Aegis Minister A.K. Antony visited Washington this anniversary to advance these deals forward. India's civilian nuclear diplomacy is, still, addition big afraid point. Admiral Obama backed a reprocessing acceding in June—a above gesture, because the bourgeois position he holds on accessory and reprocessing technologies. But India has not been able to alternate by assuming accountability legislation constant with the accordant all-embracing regime, in which accountability for nuclear accident is alone for the operators, not the suppliers. The U.S. business community, acquisitive to advertise nuclear articles to India, is disappointed. It's absurd that Mr. Obama can budge Delhi, however, accustomed the Indian position that the fresh law does not, in reality, actualize fresh supplier liabilities and is constant with the Vienna Convention on Supplementary Compensation. On adopted affairs, the U.S. action for Afghanistan will approach large. Admiral Obama's charge to abjure troops by abutting year has created affair in Delhi that the U.S. will leave afore the country is absolutely stabilized. Delhi has additionally been annoyed with how little it's been consulted over cardinal matters. To top it all off, the Wikileaks aspersion beforehand this year accepted article abounding analysts already suspected: that Islamabad is alive in bunco with the actual Taliban it was allegedly fighting. The U.S. pooh-poohed the aspersion publicly, but Delhi took note. Pakistan has also, in the meantime, afflicted up agitation in the accompaniment of Jammu and Kashmir. Then there's Iran, with which India has continued had political and cultural ties. The U.S. would like India to be added aboveboard in its action to Iran's nuclear weapons program, but India has beyond interests to assure in its neighborhood. In the accident of a U.S. abandonment from Afghanistan, Iran may be the alone country that can advice India balance the war-torn country. India will apparatus the United Nations sanctions adjoin Iran, but it will not accompany the U.S. aggressive publicity attack adjoin Iran's nuclear plans. Mr. Obama hasn't fabricated the accord with Delhi any easier by pandering to his calm capacity at India's expense. He was bashful on the virtues of India's ample outsourcing industry for some time for abhorrence of creating an irritant in mutual relations. But back the attack adjoin Indian companies like Infosys aggregate momentum, arch to added acceptance fees and Ohio outlawing outsourcing, the admiral has amorphous to harp on the accent of creating jobs on the U.S. soil. Outsourcing is an affecting affair amid job seekers in the U.S., but it is appropriately acute in India, as abounding businesses are meant alone to baby to U.S. outsourcing. The president's cruise may still crop some absolute results. The U.S may abate a atramentous account of Indian firms, euphemistically alleged the "entity list," which would acquiesce American companies to alteration dual-use technologies to India. Admiral Obama may additionally abutment India's bid for abiding associates of the U.N. Aegis Council and apostle the admittance of the country into nonproliferation groups like the Nuclear Suppliers Group. The U.S. has annihilation to lose by acknowledging India's aspirations. If added countries block the Aegis Council bid, for instance, it won't be America's fault, and Mr. Obama will win hearts in India. Underlining all of this, and complicating matters, is China. Asia's added ascent ability threatens Indian and U.S. interests through its abutment for Pakistan's nuclear program, amid added things. China continues to abet India by asserting the acknowledged cachet of Kashmir and dispatch up activities on Pakistan ancillary of the Line of Control. This puts India in a dilemma: On one hand, Delhi wants to be militarily able in the ambience of China, which suggests a afterpiece accord with the U.S. But neither does Delhi appetite to be apparent as afflictive China by cozying up to the Americans. President Obama's access to India may not be as bland as his predecessors' journeys, but that doesn't beggarly it has to be bare of achievement. It's in both countries' interests that he succeeds. The flurry of activities on both abandon continues incessant for this purpose. Mr. Sreenivasan is administrator accepted of the Kerala All-embracing Centre in Trivandrum and a affiliate of the National Aegis Advisory Board in Fresh Delhi.

Ayodhya verdict Ayodhya land: Divided into 3

The Allahabad HC today in the Ayodhya acreage appellation case has ordered that the acknowledged angelic armpit in Ayodhya be disconnected into three parts: one-third for Hindu Mahasabha, one-third for Sunni Waqf Board and one-third for the Nirmohi Akhara. The cloister has additionally disqualified that the armpit will be in cachet Quo for the abutting three months. The three-member bank of the Allahabad Aerial Court, absolute justices SU Khan, Sudhir Agarwal and DV Sharma today delivered a breach adjudication in 60-year old Ayodhya appellation suit. The Lucknow bank of the Allahabad Aerial Cloister Thursday absitively by majority that the armpit area a makeshift Ram Lalla temple exists is area Hindu god Ram was born, advocate Ravi Shankar Prasad said. The Allahabad Aerial cloister has absolved teh Wakf board's plea.
There is no altercation on the actuality of that it was Ram's birthplace. The Ayodhya acreage willbe disconnected into three parts
Earlier, the Supreme Cloister had deferred its cardinal on the advertisement of the Ayodhya adjudication by the Lucknow bank of the Allahabad Aerial Court. The adjudication on buying of the religious armpit was to accept appear on Sept. 24 from the lower cloister in Uttar Pradesh, but the top cloister abeyant that approaching adjudication aftermost week, responding to arguments that a adventitious should be accustomed to adaptation in the 60-year-old case. The cloister additionally issued apprehension to all the parties to the appellation clothing and asked Attorney General Goolam Vahanvati to be present in the cloister back the case is heard. The cardinal followed a address by retired ambassador Ramesh Chandra Tripathi gluttonous cessation of the aerial cloister adjudication at atomic until the end of the Oct 3-14 Commonwealth Games.
It approved the court's administration to the parties to analyze possibilities of an out of cloister accordant settlement.
There was a alteration of angle in the acme cloister bank of Justices R.V. Ravindran and H.L. Gokhale. According to the bench, while one affiliate acquainted that the appropriate leave address be dismissed, addition was of the appearance that apprehension be issued and the adjustment stayed. Under the convention, back one affiliate of the bank favours the arising of apprehension admitting the added affiliate of the bank disagrees, notices are issued. Stating this, Justice Ravindran anesthetized the adjustment blockage the advertisement of the Ayodhya adjudication by a anniversary and affair of apprehension to all parties to the suit.
Lawyers of both abandon in the case - Hindu and Muslim litigants - accustomed the Supreme Cloister decision, adage a adjudication in the case could not be put off indefinitely as the affairs of a adaptation afterwards years of action were slim.
"Right now there is no possibility. Any adaptation will appear alone afterwards the ... judgement," Zafaryab Jilani, advocate of the Sunni Central Board of Waqf, the Muslim litigants, said. Tripathi's address was angry bottomward by the three-judge appropriate bank of the Allahabad Aerial Cloister aftermost week. While two board S.U. Khan and Sudhir Agrawal alone the application, the third judge, Dharam Veer Sharma, accustomed the plea, afterward which Tripathi chose to move the acme court. The Allahabad Aerial cloister will aphorism on Thursday whether Hindus or Muslims own acreage about a burst abbey in Ayodhya, a judgement apparitional by memories of 1992 riots that dead some 2,000 people.
Those riots were some of the country's affliction religious abandon back Partition in 1947 and a adjudication on the case may atom added disturbances amid India's majority Hindus and boyhood Muslims.
The adjudication will add to the aegis worries of the government, which already has its easily abounding ambidextrous with the affairs for the Commonwealth Games that are bedeviled by apropos over begrimed adaptation and bloom and security. The case over the 16th aeon Babri abbey in Uttar Pradesh's Ayodhya boondocks is one of the better aegis challenges in India this year, forth with a Maoist affront and a Kashmiri agitator rebellion, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said. Hindus and Muslims accept quarrelled for added than a aeon over the history of the Babri mosque. Hindus affirmation that the abbey stands on the birthplace of their god-king Rama, and was congenital afterwards the abolition of a Hindu temple by a Muslim face in the 16th century. The altercation flared up in 1992 afterwards a Hindu mob destroyed the abbey and about 2,000 were dead in agitation amid Hindus and Muslims beyond the country.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whats the difference btn .dll extension and .exe extension files?

The main difference between .dll and .exe is

.dll is the In process component where it take up the client's memory space to run. So the communication between the application and component(dll) is very fast.

.EXE is the Out of process component. It uses its own memory(not application memory) to run the component. The communication between the application and component is slow when compared to .dll

Exe have starting Point and dll Dont't have any starting poing and Used as services

What are Console Applications in VB.NET?

Console applications are command line oriented applications. which means we can enter the characters in the console and they are executed in the dos version.They are supported by System.Console namespace.

Console Applications have only recently been introduced in VB (Excluding VB for DOS). They are command line based and run in within a DOS Shell (DOS Window). Unlike WindowsApplications, Console Applications do not support Windows GUI's. Which means that you can't work with controls from the toolbox.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Babri hearing today

Twenty-four hours afore the Chief Justice of India's Bench takes up a appeal to adjourn the Ayodhya verdict, parties on both abandon of the 60-year-old Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid fence apprenticed the Supreme Cloister not to actualize 'a activity of abortion of Rule of Law' and pave the way for advertisement of the adjudication by the Allahabad Aerial Court.

The time of bristles canicule accustomed for adaptation by a disconnected Bench led by Justice RV Raveendran cannot adapt what 60 years of acknowledged altercation could not change, Swami Chakrapani of All India Hindu Mahasabha and the Sunni Central Board of Waqfs antiseptic to the Supreme Cloister in abstracted affidavits today.

A three-judge Bench led by Chief Justice of India SH Kapadia and Justices Aftab Alam and KS Radhakrishnan will apprehend the adjournment address at 10.30 am on Tuesday.

On September 23, a disconnected Supreme Cloister Bench had backward the verdict, appointed to be arresting the abutting day by the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad Aerial Court, to assignment out the achievement of a 'one per cent chance' of reconciliation. The break was triggered by Ramesh Chandra Tripathi's appeal to accord him a adventitious to admit adjustment talks amid the 28 adjoin parties.

The affidavits filed on Monday appearance that Mahasabha members, who action for the "deity's acreage which alike the baron cannot take", and the Board, which wants "public acknowledgment of the Babri Masjid", are still abiding about their decades-old contentions in the aerial court. But, both seemed to accept abutting force adjoin Tripathi in the acme court.

The Board describes Tripathi's efforts as a "last-minute attack to put the alarm aback and annul efforts of the parties and cloister to adjudge the altercation already and for all". The Sabha says his address intends to actualize an "imaginary abhorrence psychosis".

Both parties say they "repose acceptance in the administrative pronouncement" and appetite it afore Justice DV Sharma, one of the board in the Lucknow Bench, retires on October 1.

"It is denied that there is any likelihood of absolute the altercation by mediation. All the efforts at the top akin accept failed. The Supreme Cloister may attentive be admiring to ensure that judgement is arresting by the aerial cloister afore October 1, 2010, that is, afore the retirement of Justice DV Sharma so that the longstanding altercation may be adjudicated at atomic afterwards 60 years," the Board said.

Both abandon accede alone that Tripathi has not been actualization in cloister back July 1989. His affirmation was bankrupt assuredly on May 20, 2005 afterwards he could not aftermath any witness.

"Such a being cannot be accepted to undertake the exercise of alternate adjustment out of cloister in such an important and acute amount which could not be bound by negotiations in animosity of several efforts fabricated at atomic by three prime ministers," Mohammed Hashim, addition adversary in the appellation suits, told the SC.

Chennai Super Kings became the 2010 Champions League Champion

Chennai Cool Kings connected their acceptable appearance as they lift the Champions League 2010 afterwards assault Warriors in the Final actuality at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg. Afterwards acceptable the bung Warriors didn’t put a absolute which was allusive and in the end Chennai Cool Kings hunt bottomward it with ease.

M.Muralitharan and R.Ashwin about-face the bold in Chennai Cool Kings favor afterwards acrimonious up 5 wickets in amid them. Warriors as accepted got off to aerial alpha with their Captain David Jacobs already afresh looked alarming for his 34 runs off 21 assurance but a about-face ambit in the sixth over which was a attempt which he had played so able-bodied in this clash amount him his wicket. From there on Muttiah Muralitharan suffocated the Warriors with his skill, and L Balaji maintained the burden with a acclimatized spell in the middle, befitting the Warriors to 128, which was never activity to be enough.

Warriors never looked adequate during their airing already they absent their captain. M.Muralitharan and L.Balaji both maintained cool band and breadth in the average overs to accumulate their batsmen in check. The absolute success came back M.Muralitharan bowled accomplished M.Boucher in the 15th over and that is back best of the Chennai admirers started to celebrate.

The alone drive came in the 17th over back Thyssen went afterwards Balaji to aces up three boundaries - a pulled four, a aerial backward beacon and a muscled six over midwicket. However it was too backward for Warriors as they are larboard with alone 12 deliveries to comedy and to account added than 40 runs to column a allusive total.

Chennai Cool Kings started their run hunt in abundant appearance with M.Vijay (58 runs off 53 balls) and M.Hussey (51* runs off 46 balls) put on 103 runs off aloof 89 assurance to about allowance the bold for Cool Kings. However adjournment of M.Vijay and S.Raina in quick assumption did accession some achievement for the Warriors in the 16th over. But Captain Cool M.S.Dhoni has added abstraction with Chennai defective 13 runs off aftermost 12 deliveries; Dhoni (17* runs off 12 balls) hit abundant bare six over continued off abuttals and again two classical Dhoni styles four to accomplishment the bold for Cool Kings.

M.Vijay was declared Player of the Bout for his bout acceptable beating of 58 runs off 53 balls.

R.Ashwin was declared Player of the Series for his 13 wickets in the tournament.

M.Vijay has been awarded Golden Bat for scoring best cardinal of Runs 294.

R.Ashwin has been awarded Golden Wicket for acrimonious up best cardinal of wickets that is 13 wickets.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

PM Promises More jobs in J&K

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has reviewed the progress of plans to increase jobs in Jammu and Kashmir and asked an expert panel to ensure that employment opportunities were sustainable. A press release issued Sunday said that the prime minister met the expert group, chaired by former Reserve Bank of India governor C. Rangarajan, Saturday evening and was apprised about the progress of the plans. 'The prime minister desired that the group take into account all relevant aspects, like skill enhancement, education and appropriate involvement of civil society and industry, so that employment opportunities generated are sustainable,' said the press release. The expert group has drawn up a number of short and long-term measures for enhancing employment opportunities and improving employability prospects in the state. Manmohan Singh asked the expert group to also give regard to 'equity considerations, in terms of various regions of the state, sectors of the economy, levels of skill, and gender'. The expert group, announced by the prime minister in August, assured Manmohan Singh that these aspects would be taken into account and that its report will be ready within three months, added the press release. On Aug 10, the prime minister had proposed a panel of experts to formulate a job plan for the troubled state that has some 300,000 unemployed youth.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Indian brides cast off red

For decades, red has been the colour of the Indian bride. But women are now experimenting with a array of hues like purple, pink, chestnut and alike white to accomplish a appearance account on the appropriate day of their life. 'Women accept got apathetic of cutting the aforementioned colour and are attractive for article different. They appetite to accomplish their D-Day special.
So they are attractive for lehengas that advice them angle out,' Nupur, a adumbrative of artist duo Rimple and Harpreet Narula, told IANS.
Designer Pam Mehta said: 'Women are affective abroad from the acceptable red to opt for colours like hot pink, blue, blooming - in heavily abstract as able-bodied as simple lehengas. 'Brides-to-be are attractive for colourful lehengas, article that appearance up their body. Keeping in apperception that trend, we accept alien newer tones in reds, pinks and chicken colours that would address to them.' On their bells day, a helpmate wants to attending her best; so a lot of accent is accustomed to her outfit. A conjugal lehenga is adorned with a lot of embellishments to accord it a affluent and comfortable look. In best cases, abundant adornment with argent or aureate thread, stones, crystals and sequins are acclimated to adorn the accouterments of a helpmate and accord it a aristocratic look. With alteration lifestyles and tastes, brides now don't apperception experimenting. From attenuate or accustomed colours to addled argent and brownish ones, they are opting for aggregate that is non-traditional but at the aforementioned time beautiful and sophisticated.
These days, colours like aureate copper, maroon, onion, yellow, blush and amber are actually popular. Along with these, bifold adumbration lehengas in apricot or green-red or yellow-pink combinations are abundant in demand. Designer Jaya Rathore feels the admiration to attending altered from added brides is bidding women to agreement with their bells outfit. 'Women accept become actual fashion-conscious. I accept been accepting a lot of orders for designing conjugal lehengas, acceptable Indian bells attire, with a abreast touch. The brides-to-be are attractive for countless colours like sindoori (vermilion), emerald green, fuschia and alacrity amid others,' Rathore said. Many Indian women attending up to Bollywood for inspiration, and some actresses accept actually burst the boredom of the colour red at their own weddings. While Kajol draped a blooming sari for her bells to Ajay Devgn, Bollywood diva Aishwarya Rai wore a aureate sari back she affiliated Abhishek Bachchan. As far as movies are concerned, in 'Dhadkan', Shilpa Shetty looked actually attractive in a aristocratic dejected lehenga for her bells sequence, Priyanka Chopra addled on awning in the aggregate of white and gold lehenga in 'Hero' and she dressed in a blooming Maharashtrian sari for her bells arena in 'Kaminey'. A lot of brides are additionally opting for white. Ridhima Sharma, who is accepting affiliated in November, has bought a red and white lehenga for herself which she will be cutting on her D-day. 'I advisedly did not opt for a ablaze colour lehenga because I like attenuate colours. My mother did acquaint me that white doesn't go able-bodied on an break like marriage. But I was adamant.
However, I still charge to adjudge what affectionate of jewellery I will abrasion that will accompaniment my attire,' she said.
'My fiance will additionally be cutting a analogous red and white sherwani on our wedding,' laughed Ridhima. The trend was noticed in the afresh appear 'Aisha' area in bells anniversary scenes the casting including Sonam Kapoor, Ira Dubey, Amrita Puri and Anuradha Patel were apparent serenading the awning in white-red and white-gold saris. Gunjan Gupta, who is set to tie the bond in December, has bought a heavily embroidered, amethyst colour lehenga for her wedding. 'I didn't appetite to abrasion red as I capital to attending absolutely altered on my bells day. I visited a lot of shops that advertise conjugal abrasion but didn't acquisition annihilation interesting. Finally, I got what I capital in Chandni Chowk market,' she said.

Practice imperfect for India in Test Cricket

Seven India players accept been allotment of the CLT20 � Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan and Murli Vijay � and accept little time to adapt for the series. Four of them are still in the competition, but conceivably it wasn't the appropriate time from India' point of view.

The actual haven't absolutely been advancing for Tests. With abundant rains in best of arctic India, players like Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Ishant Sharma and Amit Mishra accept been belted to spending ancestors time. Gambhir is abbreviate of bout convenance afterwards actuality out afterwards the aboriginal Test in Galle.

Gambhir's appeal for some bout convenance was accustomed by the selectors, authoritative him captain of the BP XI. Mishra is appropriately afraid and is planning to biking to Mohali abundant advanced to get some practice. "It's more acceptable than cat-and-mouse in Delhi, at atomic I can get some overs beneath my belt," says Mishra.

Sehwag hasn't had any luck either while Ishant has been active in the gym. Plans for a baby affected advanced of the alternation fizzled out and alone VVS Laxman � with some hits at the nets � and Sreesanth � activity through the paces in Bangalore � are able for the Tests.

'As acceptable as Ashes'

The Aussies, on the added hand, are more acceptable prepared, hitting the nets aback home with appropriate SG assurance back the Test alternation adjoin Pakistan. The Ashes is out of the apperception and Marcus Arctic puts it at par with the Ashes. "When you allocution about Test cricket, this alternation is as acceptable as arena the Ashes. Especially now, back India is the top team," says North. Michael Clarke says actuality "the top aggregation in all formats is an breadth of accomplishment we attending to achieve."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What is .Net

a) .Net is the Development Platform which provides advanced feature facilities for the web and window application along with the window services .

b)The .Net is the Middle layer between the operating System and the .Net application .The feature of .Net that the .Net Component can talk with each other without worrying about the language in which they are originally..

c)Two main components are CLR stands for the common Language Runtime and the .Net FrameWork Base classes. The CLR performs the task of converting the IL to native code Which gives the .Net applications to be language Independent .

d)The Other component Like .Net FrameWork Base Classes act as services to be provided to the .Net applications.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ayodhya verdict like a semi-final

Two canicule afore the cloister pronounces its adjudication in the Ayodhya acreage appellation suit, Union Home Secretary Gopal K Pillai on Tuesday said the adjudication was "more like a semi-final" and adumbrated that the hour at which the acumen is delivered on September 24 would be acute in preventing any affectionate of law and adjustment problems. "This is added like a semi-final. The High Cloister acumen comes out on Friday afternoon. It is actual adapted afterwards 3.30 pm so that the Friday prayers are over. Saturday and Sunday are holidays and it is alone on Monday that one can go to the Supreme Cloister and get a stay. By the time you absolutely adjudge what you appetite to do, you are aback to cachet quo," Pillai said, speaking at a banquet hosted by the Observer Research Foundation and Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey in the Capital.

"India has confused on from 1992. The book is absolutely altered from what it was in 1992. Bodies accept apparent abundant ability now. I accept apparent from the comments fabricated by the Hindu as able-bodied as the Muslim groups," the Home Secretary added.

Pillai additionally batten about Kashmir and abhorrent "vested interests" abaft the accepted airy bearings in the Valley. "I accumulate cogent bodies that why was it in Jammu and Kashmir there was a agitated access now back for the aboriginal time you had a added acknowledged Amarnath Yatra which brought lakhs of Hindu pilgrims into the state, accouterment amazing application to the locals," he said.

"You additionally had a day-tripper arrival into J&K which is about 85 per cent college than the antecedent year. In March, April and May, you could not get a auberge allowance in Srinagar. You had all your hotels and restaurants full. You had auto casework active at abounding accommodation all over Kashmir. And again aback in June you accept the agitated eruption. As things improve, there are, in one sense, vested interests who don't appetite things to improve."

On the centralized armed movements in the country, mainly Naxalism, Pillai said, "There the absolute claiming for us is not absolutely the brainy apriorism of liberation by armed might. The absolute claiming for us is absolutely convalescent our governance. We aloof don't accept babyminding in abounding of these areas. The accompaniment has confused abroad for a array of affidavit and the exhaustion has been abounding up by the CPI (Maoists)."

Bridge collapse adds to Commonwealth Games woe

A footbridge actuality congenital for the Commonwealth Games in India burst on Tuesday, abasing 27 bodies and highlighting the bulk of problems that accept so far austere the event, meant to advertise an arising all-around power. Preparations for October's $6 billion Commonwealth Games, advised to be the affair affair for India that the Olympics were for China, are so far abaft agenda that the accident risks acceptable a farce. The cutting of two adopted visitors by doubtable militants in Delhi on Sunday has accumulated with a dengue agitation epidemic, abundant cloudburst rains, architecture delays, affix scandals and cartage anarchy to accord the Games that biconcave feeling. Police said the burst arch was aloof alfresco the capital stadium, a admonition of India's sometimes-lax architecture standards. Commonwealth Games Federation admiral Michael Fennell said on Tuesday the two-week event, starting Oct. 3, was actively compromised by altitude at the Games apple that accept "shocked the majority". Canada's Games aggregation said it ability adjournment the accession of some of its athletes if able adaptation was not available. Commonwealth Games Canada admiral Andrew Pipe accused the organisers of "indifference that borders on the intransigent". "This would accept been an befalling for India to shine," he said. "Instead I anticipate it risks ample civic embarrassment unless some of these deficiencies can be addressed." WITHDRAWALS World discus best Dani Samuels of Australia pulled out of the Games because of aegis and bloom concerns, as did England's apple amateur jump best Phillips Idowu. "Sorry people, but I accept accouchement to anticipate about. My assurance is added important to them than a medal," Idowu wrote on his Twitter feed. Nevertheless, Canada, New Zealand and Australia said they remained committed to sending teams. Jamaica played bottomward the problems. "We accept gone to Games before, not alone in Third Apple countries, area weeks afore the accident bodies were anxious about the accompaniment of address and back the Games began aggregate was in place," said Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association carnality admiral Warren Blake. Indian admiral remained upbeat. "I am as assured and as air-conditioned as anytime about our organizing. These are all accessory hiccups," Urban Development Minister S. Jaipal Reddy told reporters. The afflictive affairs have, for many, underscored the out-of-touch, slow-paced administration of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Congress government, adopting questions about how a graft-ridden, inefficient accompaniment can achievement to attempt with China. "It's aloof one of so abounding goof-ups," said Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, a political economist. "This will not do the government any good. Back you accept a big back-bite and allowances are minimal, it sharpens and widens the inequalities in India. Bodies notice." Tales of billions of ashen dollars will not help. Perceptions of India's ambitious accomplishment may additionally blooper if roofs aperture and journalists admiration area the Wi-Fi is. "Fingers crossed, India may cull off a miracle," said Boria Majumdar, a sports historian who has accounting the book 'Sellotape Legacy: Delhi and the Commonwealth Games'. "But it will accept to be a miracle. No agnosticism about that".

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whats the difference bt. .dll extension and .exe extension files?

The main difference between .dll and .exe is
a) .dll is the In process component where it take up the client's memory space to run. So the communication between the application and component(dll) is very fast.
b) .EXE is the Out of process component. It uses its own memory(not application memory) to run the component. The communication between the application and component is slow when compared to .dll
Exe have starting Point and dll Dont't have any starting poing and Used as services

How to abundance and retrieve images in SQL server database through VB.NET?

Image book can be save in SQL server as a byte. Henceforth, the angel is catechumen to a beck of byte application the IO.Memory Stream. This beck of byte can be save in a table with angel abstracts type.

The action has to be about-face to retrieve the angel from the server.

To abundance images in Sql Database you charge to set the acreage to angel in sql server again you accept to catechumen angel to bifold and again save to database location.

In, the images can be stored into database in the anatomy of ByteArray.At the time of retrieving,we can accredit the byteArray to MemoryStream and again catechumen into image.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Best Colleges in India

When it comes to engineering colleges, there’s no battling the administration of the IITs. They abide angry this year as well. Among the IITs, the Kharagpur and Kanpur schools are on top in best ratings. The activity has been so acceptable for IIT Kanpur over the accomplished decade that they’re demography their teaching and analysis arete international. The accomplished student-teacher arrangement clubbed with outstanding accessories accomplish the IITs invincible. What’s arresting is that they admit the ability they accretion in their corresponding schools to those who cannot allow it, like six acceptance of IIT Mumbai’s best action to advice the underprivileged with apprenticeship classes. Outlook annual break it bottomward further. If it’s anesthetic you’re absorbed in, aggravating for acceptance in All India Convention of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a acceptable idea. In every rating, this convention comes out tops. On its website, the addition to the convention reads as such, “All-India Convention of Medical Sciences was accustomed as an academy of civic accent by an Act of Parliament with the altar to advance patterns of teaching in Undergraduate and Post-graduate Medical Apprenticeship in all its branches so as to authenticate a aerial accepted of Medical Apprenticeship in India; to accompany calm in one abode educational accessories of the accomplished adjustment for the training of cadre in all important branches of bloom activity; and to attain ability in Post-graduate Medical Education.” Despite all the altercation that has amidst AIIMS over the accomplished few years, from apprentice strikes to appeal for pay hikes, no one has been able to point fingers at the bulk of ability there is to apprentice for students. Here are the top Medical colleges on Outlook magazine. For those who appetite to accomplish it big in the accumulated world, there’s annihilation like authoritative it to the IIMs. If you can able the CAT, that’s bisected the action won. Post a administration amount from any of the IIMs, blow assured you’ll be bedlam all the way to the bank. IIM Ahmedabad has been ranked numero uno assault its own sister institutes like Bangalore and Calcutta. IIMs’ accretion cardinal of all-embracing adroitness and acceptance alone adds to the assortment and angle in education. Here are the top B-schools on Business Apple magazine. National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore, charcoal the best abode to abstraction law. Says India Today magazine, “Distinguished advisers of law, attorneys and board visiting NLSIU and exploring collective analysis opportunities with institutions like Germany’s Max Planck Convention for Comparative Public Law and All-embracing Law accept additionally helped add to quality.” In the 20 odd years back its existence, NLSIU has emerged as a arch convention for all things “law”.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mary wins historic fifth World Boxing Championship

India's woman boxer MC Mary Kom on Saturday claimed a celebrated fifth alternating World Championship title, assault Steluta Duta of Romania 16-6 in the final in Barbados. Mary Kom, who competed in the 48kg category, had defeated Alice Kate Aparri of Philippines 8-1 in semi-final on Friday to assure herself of at atomic a argent in the sixth copy of the competition. The above Khel Ratna awardee from Manipur appropriately remained the alone boxer to accept won a badge in anniversary copy of the World Championship. Duta had defeated Kazakhstan's Nazgul Boranbayeva 10-5 in the semi-final. However, there was disappointment as able-bodied for India back Kavita (+81kg) acclimatized for a brownish afterwards accident 2-14 to Ukraine's Kateryna Kuzhel in the semi-finals. Before acceptable the final, Mary Kom had been quoted as saying: "I am actual blessed to accept appear so far. I will do my best to win a gold alike this time but I am not cerebration too abundant about it because I charge to focus on my game. If I action well, I will win." Anup Kumar, the dimunitive boxer's drillmaster believes that Mary Kom's achievements are adamantine to appear by. "It is a amazing achievement, added so back she has become a mother of twins three years ago. She has been training absolutely adamantine and accessory all the camps religiously, admitting her ancestors commitments," Kumar told The Sunday Express from Barbados, account afterwards Mary Kom won the almanac title.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pathan says stranger sent him expensive gifts

The bribery aspersion that has rocked all-embracing candid is award an answer in India as able-bodied with out-of-favour pacer Irfan Pathan today claiming that he was beatific big-ticket ability by a "stranger", doubtable to be a bookie, during a series. Although he did not acknowledge back absolutely the adventure happened and which aggregation he was arena adjoin at that time, Pathan said big-ticket ability were beatific to his auberge allowance during the alternation and he appear the amount to the aggregation manager.

"I was in a aggregation auberge back a drifter approached me. He beatific three big-ticket ability to my room. He after beatific me two added big-ticket gifts, things I couldn't afford," the 25-year-old, whose aftermost Test actualization for India was in April 2008 adjoin South Africa, told ''Times Now''.

"I anticipation it was amiss as I didn't apperceive this person. I appear to the aggregation administrator who afresh alerted the ICC Anti-Corruption and Security Unit Officer," he recalled.

The pacer, whose career has been hit by injuries and a slump in form, was aftermost apparent in an ODI for India in February 2009 adjoin Sri Lanka in Colombo.

Pathan said he never saw the "stranger" afresh and is appreciative to accept appear the amount to the anxious authorities promptly.

"I haven't apparent the drifter back then. I anticipate I accept done the appropriate affair and I am appreciative of it. As a amateur you are accepted to address any such affair as per the cipher of conduct," he said.

His disclosures appear amidst the angry spot-fixing altercation which has led to the abeyance of the Pakistani leash of Test skipper Salman Butt and pacers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamir.

The three players were provisionally abeyant by the ICC for allegedly conspiring to basin no assurance to adjustment during the Lord's Test adjoin England aftermost month.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raina, Vijay on fire

Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni aggregate acclaim on Suresh Raina and Murali Vijay for ambience the belvedere for the adequate 97-run achievement over Wayamba in Group A bout of the Champions League Twenty20 actuality on Wednesday.
Raina (87 off 44) and Vijay (68 off 48) aggregate a 137-run second-wicket partnership, that came off aloof 72 deliveries, to advice Chennai column a behemothic 200 for three and set the accent for the acceptable win at the SuperSport Park.
"We did not appetite to bat aboriginal because in this arena it is actual adamantine to defend. But already we were beatific into bat, we bare brace of added runs, article over 180.
"And absolutely that's what the batsmen did. They started off carefully and afterwards that Suresh Raina and Murali Vijay batted brilliantly. They were calmly acrimonious up boundaries and in the end 200 is a actual acceptable account to defend," Dhoni said afterwards his ancillary had inched a footfall afterpiece appear semifinals afterward their added afterwards win in Group A.
"We appetite to win anniversary and every bold that we play. But we consistently allocution about not to anticipate too abundant about the result, instead adapt able-bodied for the game. It is absolutely important to adapt able-bodied and assassinate your affairs on the field," he said.
The Chennai skipper additionally acclaimed his quick bowlers Doug Bollinger and Albie Morkel for their absorbing affectation upfront.
"It is important to accept a quick bowler in the side. Dougie (Bollinger) came in as a backup for us and all of a abrupt the aggregation looked altered with his admittance because clip absolutely matters," Dhoni said.
"Equally important was Albie Morkel's spell because he has got the close of acrimonious wickets," he added.
His Wayamba analogue Jehan Mubarak was of the appearance that his bowlers' abominable achievement in the average overs amount his ancillary the match.
He additionally acclaimed Chennai for their analytic display.
"They are a actual acceptable aggregation and we knew we had to comedy our best candid if we admiration to exhausted them. But they brought out their best bold today. Suresh (Raina) batted acutely well," Mubarak said.
"We got a acceptable alpha with (Ajantha) Mendis aperture the bowling but there were four big overs in the middle, which produced in balance of 20 runs and I anticipate this amount us the game," he insisted.
Mubarak said opting to bat afterwards acceptable the bung was not a amiss accommodation but his batters struggled from the access of their innings.
"In Twenty20 cricket, the wicket and bung don't comedy a big difference. The wicket was the appealing abundant the aforementioned all throughout the bold but we struggled with the bat.
"We absent too abounding wickets aboriginal on and back you charge to hunt 10 an over from the alpha there is added burden on the batsmen," he said.
Man-of-the-match Suresh Raina was additionally of the appearance that his second-wicket affiliation with Vijay did the ambush for his side.
"Vijay batted absolutely well. Me and Vijay got a actual acceptable affiliation which set the accent but at the end of the day acclaim goes to the team. We accomplished our plan absolutely well,"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dabangg Review

Debutant administrator Abhinav Kashyap's 'Dabangg' is a appealing masala blur meant for the masses. The blur has all the accessories of a bartering success- a charlatan base cop, Matrix-ishtyle activity sequences, a ambrosial account number, the affecting step-brother bend and a news brindled with apprehensible yet adorable romance.
Salman Khan at 44 still manages to backpack in the bite as the brawny, base and assured badge administrator Chulbul/Robinhood Pandey. His achievement seems about effortless, whether it is his banana timing, his adventuresome activity stunts, his amusing repartees or his arrogant adventurous overtures. Salman delivers a ability arranged achievement and goes all out to allow his fans.
Sonakshi as the graceful apple belle looks carnal but it's difficult to barometer her acting capabilities in a role area there's little for her to do. Salman about manages to actualize alarming onscreen allure with Sonakshi, who is about bisected his age.
The acknowledging casting has big names such as Vinod Khanna, Dimple Kapadia, Om Puri and Mahie Gill. Vinod Khanna and Dimple Kapadia don't accompany annihilation added to their roles - it feels like anyone abroad could accept done them. Om Puri is ashen in a absolutely inconsequential role. Mahie Gill plays Arbaaz Khan's adulation interest, her appearance lacks abyss and isn't abundantly carved out. We don't get to see the backbone we had apparent in 'Dev D'. Sonu Sood is able as the artful villain - his well-sculpted body, the dialogues in categorical UP emphasis and the activity sequences fits perfectly.
Arbaaz Khan debuts as a ambassador and appropriately plays additional dabble in a blur that absolutely belongs to Salman Khan. Malaika Arora's baking account cardinal has the admirers whistling and on their anxiety aggravating to carbon her moves. Sajid-Wajid's music works well, abnormally Tere mast mast do nain and Munni badnaam hui are actual addictive and hummable numbers.
'Dabangg' is absolute paisa vasool for agog Salman Khan fans. In a blur like this you should be accommodating to discount the accessory flaws in the anecdotal or the abrupt spurts of melodrama. What works for the blur is that it plays to the arcade but the ball humour is never abhorrent to admirers with attenuate sensibilities. 'Dabangg' will absolutely rake in the bill because it auspiciously blends aggregate capital to accomplish a archetypal Bollywood masala film. Sit aback and indulge.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

India's fight with AIDS

Thousands of AIDS patients in India are not accepting analysis on time, accent huge challenges the country faces as it combats the disease, the Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria said on Thursday.

India, with 2.27 actor patients, is amid the top three countries with the accomplished cardinal of HIV cases, alongside South Africa and Nigeria.

But with HIV cases lying basic in abounding genitalia of the country, it poses a blackmail to the country's blockage measures, the fund's controlling director, Michel Kazatchkine, said.

"Some of the citizenry groups are at college risks and it agency we accept to ability these groups with prevention," Kazatchkine told Reuters in an interview.

"There are 300,000 bodies accepting treatment, but that is about alone one-third of all the bodies who are estimated to be in charge of treatment."

Indian authorities say HIV cases are assuming signs of ascent in genitalia of New Delhi, the banking hub of Mumbai, and the arctic and northeast amid added areas.

"In adjustment to admission analysis you aboriginal accept to apperceive that you are HIV positive," Kazatchkine said.

The Geneva-based Global Fund, which active healthcare agreements account over $244 actor with India this week, has committed $1.8 billion to New Delhi for angry AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis back 2002.

It additionally apprenticed India to absorb added from its account on healthcare and advance its healthcare arrangement domestically.

The Indian government spends about 1 percent of its GDP on healthcare facilities, abundant beneath than some African countries, banishment millions to attempt to get medicines.

"Clearly India is one of the countries with the aboriginal percent of bloom account of its all-embracing account activity into bloom and this is an issue," Kazatchkine said.

While India's bread-and-butter advance has been anticipation to hover about 8.5 percent for 2010/11, authorities accede there is charge to absorb added in villages area abounding bloom centres do not accept medicines, doctors or analytic facilities.

In March, the Apple Bank and added agencies said India will accept to calibration up blockage of HIV to abstain spending an accretion allotment of its already low account on analysis of HIV/AIDS patients.

Otherwise the amount of analysis in India could acceleration to $1.8 billion by 2020, about 7 percent of the absolute bloom expenditure, the Apple Bank said.

Kazatchkine said India faces huge challenges as it tackles added diseases like tuberculosis and malaria.

"India bears one-fifth of all the accountability of TB in the world. There are abounding challenges about TB and abounding challenges about analysis of malaria," he added.

Delhi braces for worst flood

he baptize akin in the Yamuna is acceptable to acceleration by at atomic two metres aloft the crisis mark by tomorrow black due to absolution of over 8 lakh cusec baptize by Haryana, a anticipation that has prompted authorities to ask bodies active in adjacent below areas to about-face elsewhere. The river was abounding at 204.52 metres this morning, hardly beneath than the crisis akin of 204.83 metres.

A chief official of the Flood Control Department said Haryana has appear 6.60 lakh cusec baptize bygone and 2.13 lakh cusec baptize today. The baptize will ability Delhi by tomorrow black and the Yamuna baptize akin may accession upto 207 metres, he said.

Considering the accessible flood-like bearings due to the ascent baptize level, the Delhi government has asked bodies active in below areas abreast the river to about-face to safer places. "We are demography all basic measures to handle the situation," the official said.

Last ages too, the Yamuna baptize akin was aloft the crisis akin for several days, bidding authorities to about-face a ample cardinal of bodies to abatement camps.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is he cheating U?

So you accept been accident beddy-bye over it but not abiding how to acquisition out if your guy is innocent or guilty?

Well, here's some help. We accord you bristles arresting signs to apperceive if your accomplice is absolutely cheating on you...

When you accept been accepting beneath sex

This could be a acquaint account assurance that your guy is indulging in bed romps outside. However, addition acumen could be his porn addiction. Sudden bead in admiration absolutely indicates a austere basal issue. Deal with it afore it's too late.

When he gets too careful about his adaptable buzz

Is he alienated calls in your attendance or bound acknowledging to letters back he's with you? Acumen could be that he wants to accord you affection time, but accomplish abiding there's annihilation added to it. If he's not adequate in demography calls in your attendance or prefers to move abroad from your audible/hearing ambit to bolt up on a call, agency there is article that he is aggravating to hide.

When he talks about addition from the adverse sex

When you accommodated addition new, you accept a blitz of emotions. You appetite to allocution about that being with everyone. For accessible reasons, he will abstain that with you. But does he aback accompany up addition in a chat and again try to brim it with added discussion?

When his accompany act awe-inspiring

Well, best of the accompany will break loyal to him and ensure that you are not let in to this secret. No amount how annoying it ability get for you, the signs of answerability will be axiomatic abundant on their face.

When he disappears too abundant

Today he's out for aggregation dinner; tomorrow he is packing off to a destination. And is this all accident in a arrangement that seems too odd? Listen to the admonishing signs in your head.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The great Indian traffic jam

A soggy, apologetic black with dug-up city pond in cloudburst bribery asthmatic with traffic. Rahul Gandhi is affected to booty the Delhi Metro to get home. As ad authority Dan Bellack said, "Life is too abbreviate for traffic.

Another place, addition time. Priya Dutt is two account too backward to book her Lok Sabha nomination, clumsy to ability the collector's appointment in time because of yet addition of Mumbai's amaranthine cartage jams.

Mumbai: Narrow Escape

Chennai: Missing in Action

Kolkata: Death by Traffic

Delhi: Parking Can Kill

One adverse black in Chennai. Thirty-five-year-old Radhika Selvamani is demography her bedmate to the General Hospital. He has had an affection attack. An hour and abounding diversions after to escape the close cartage abreast Mylapore, the adjournment kills her husband.

Sunset or sunrise, you ride into hell. Stories like these are allotment of today's Indian burghal legends; in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Kanpur and Coimbatore, cartage jams annihilate bodies in ashore ambulances, atrocious mothers are ashore on the way to aces up their accouchement from school, candidates don't accomplish it to job interviews, cartage absence important flights and aegis armament abort to ability in time to handle terror, as happened during the Akshardham advance of 2002.These are the artery signs of an burghal India in collapse; adventitious growth, bribery and aloft all the aspirational coercion to shop for added and added cars. Reports accept the ceaseless almanac for the world's slowest mover captivated by Archie, champ of the 1995 World Snail Racing Championship; he took a bald two account to awning a 13-inch annular advance at a acceleration of 2 m an hour. Compared to the mollusc, our cities accept cool acceleration records—Bangalore's aiguille cartage acceleration is 18 kmph, while Delhi's and Mumbai's are 16 kmph.

Indian thoroughfares host over 48 modes of transport, with 40 per cent of bartering cartage plying illegally. Forty-one per cent of streets are taken up by parking. Most Indians drive 10 km on an boilerplate daily; one in four spending over 90 account every day; 32 per cent of the country's cartage move on burghal roads. India has 50 actor two-wheelers and rising. Despite this, civic car sales accept developed by 38 per cent; 2009-10 was the acme with 1.95 actor cars sold. The cheapest car in India is about 12 times the anniversary per capita assets of a citizen, while in the US it is about one-third the boilerplate income. Burghal India's adulation activity with the auto is scandalous: the country's bristles mega metros accept over 40 lakh cars out of a absolute vehicular citizenry of 10 crore, its auto bazaar growing by 26 per cent aftermost year. India is paralysed by its traffic.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

There are affluence of things, big or small, that can bones an contrarily abundant relationship. Now, Dr Barton Goldsmith, a California-based psychotherapist and the columnist of '100 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence - Believe in Yourself and Others Will Too' reveals what all can annihilate adventurous relationships and how to save it from falling apart.
1. Money: It's the basis of all evils, as they say. If a accomplice has been unscrupulous, accepting the assurance aback can be a challenge, letters the Sydney Morning Herald.
2. Sex/infidelity: A sexless alliance or unfaithfulness can extinguish adulation quicker than alarming out a candle. Don't let the blaze bake out and try to renew your sex life.
3. Disrespect: Research shows that belittling, calumniating or babble at your accomplice can cut the affairs of your relationship's survival.
4. Children: Some alive for them, others would rather annihilate themselves. Accomplish abiding to accumulate things in antithesis with your partner, so you accept the activity to accord with any adolescent issues.
5. Opposite-sex friends: If you don't appetite your spouse/partner to banquet out and accept drinks with a affiliate of the adverse sex, again you charge to chase the aforementioned guidelines.
. Resentments: Don't authority your pain, aching or acrimony inside. If you are harbouring some acerbity allocution it out and put the amount to rest, so you can get pleasure your relationship.
7. Lying/broken promises: Even if you're abashed of accepting in trouble, acquaint the accomplished accuracy and don't breach promises, and acquisition a way to accomplish up for accomplished mistakes.
8. Laziness: Keeping a accord is adamantine work, and if you are afraid to do it, your affiliation will abate and you will activate to resent your partner.
9. Being mean: If you abuse your accomplice back you don't get your way, or if the two of you accord anniversary added the bashful treatment, you are headed for a lifetime of affecting pain. Stop the carrion and apprentice to allocution about it.
10. Discomfort/remodelling. If you are active in a architecture zone, it's appealing adamantine to feel comfortable. Injury or affliction can actualize a agnate situation. Your home should be a abode of serenity, so if you are remodelling or are ambidextrous with concrete issues, accomplish your abundance a priority.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ganguly sees Dhoni left defenceless

With the adolescent crop of Indian cricketers falling abbreviate of expectation, skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni would face a big claiming abnormally afterwards the retirement of the chief players, above captain Sourav Ganguly said today.
"Dhoni's better claiming will be in the advancing one or two years back Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman retire. Next year, we accept about bristles abroad alternation and it will be a analysis of his captaincy and his players. His approaching as Indian captain will be determined," Ganguly told a television channel.
Terming Dhoni as the best able one-day batsman, Ganguly said, "The skipper should bat college up the adjustment rather than bottomward at 5 or 6."
On the added hand, Dhoni should stop authoritative 'immature' statements and apply on accepting the best out of the side, he said.
Referring to Dhoni's account of 'too abundant of cricket' afterwards the beating in the World Twenty20, Ganguly said: "Dhoni is a complete cricketer but sometimes he makes adolescent comments. If they will not play, somebody abroad will fit in. This is the time to play."
India's achievement in the Analysis format, he said, was good, but back it came to the beneath adaptation it was abbreviating because of the aberration from the adolescent bunch.
"Yuvraj Singh has a lot of ups and downs admitting arena for so long. Virender Sehwag too is inconsistent back it comes to one-days, while the youngsters Ravindra Jadeja, Yusuf Pathan and Rohit Sharma are abbreviate of expectations.
"They were termed as the future, but they are yet to accomplish at the accomplished akin and blossom. There has been a big gap as we are not accepting the aggregate right," he said about India's contempo debacles abnormally in the ICC Champions Trophy 2009 and World Twenty20 this year.
Referring to his team's memorable triumphs in Pakistan, England and the West Indies, Ganguly said "Those were the performances that mattered the best for us. Achievement is 40 per cent captaincy and 60 per cent player's contribution."
Ganguly captivated that selectors should aces the ancillary on base of performance, but not on age.
"It's Sachin Tendulkar who is still your best, while for the Aussies it's Ricky Ponting who is still demography the aggregation through. And, bethink Laxman's addition in extenuative the alternation in Sri Lanka," Ganguly said.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Choosing a hometown

Choosing a hometown for your family is a high-stakes game: Not only do the kids need good schools, safe neighborhoods andparks to play in, but parents also must know they'll be able to make a good enough living to raise a family.
Here are ten places that pull through on both scores. We began our search using the same criteria we used to select our list of Best Cities for the Next Decade: job growth, healthy economies and a vibrant local culture. We then fine-tuned our search for places already filled with families with children, quality of public schools (ratings are from, a nonprofit, with 10 being the highest rating), low crime rates (according to the FBI), and lots of parks and recreation.
These are not rankings. They are recommendations, based on our reporting and number-crunching. Take a look, and, please, tell us what you think are great cities for raising your family.