Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The great Indian traffic jam

A soggy, apologetic black with dug-up city pond in cloudburst bribery asthmatic with traffic. Rahul Gandhi is affected to booty the Delhi Metro to get home. As ad authority Dan Bellack said, "Life is too abbreviate for traffic.

Another place, addition time. Priya Dutt is two account too backward to book her Lok Sabha nomination, clumsy to ability the collector's appointment in time because of yet addition of Mumbai's amaranthine cartage jams.

Mumbai: Narrow Escape

Chennai: Missing in Action

Kolkata: Death by Traffic

Delhi: Parking Can Kill

One adverse black in Chennai. Thirty-five-year-old Radhika Selvamani is demography her bedmate to the General Hospital. He has had an affection attack. An hour and abounding diversions after to escape the close cartage abreast Mylapore, the adjournment kills her husband.

Sunset or sunrise, you ride into hell. Stories like these are allotment of today's Indian burghal legends; in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Kanpur and Coimbatore, cartage jams annihilate bodies in ashore ambulances, atrocious mothers are ashore on the way to aces up their accouchement from school, candidates don't accomplish it to job interviews, cartage absence important flights and aegis armament abort to ability in time to handle terror, as happened during the Akshardham advance of 2002.These are the artery signs of an burghal India in collapse; adventitious growth, bribery and aloft all the aspirational coercion to shop for added and added cars. Reports accept the ceaseless almanac for the world's slowest mover captivated by Archie, champ of the 1995 World Snail Racing Championship; he took a bald two account to awning a 13-inch annular advance at a acceleration of 2 m an hour. Compared to the mollusc, our cities accept cool acceleration records—Bangalore's aiguille cartage acceleration is 18 kmph, while Delhi's and Mumbai's are 16 kmph.

Indian thoroughfares host over 48 modes of transport, with 40 per cent of bartering cartage plying illegally. Forty-one per cent of streets are taken up by parking. Most Indians drive 10 km on an boilerplate daily; one in four spending over 90 account every day; 32 per cent of the country's cartage move on burghal roads. India has 50 actor two-wheelers and rising. Despite this, civic car sales accept developed by 38 per cent; 2009-10 was the acme with 1.95 actor cars sold. The cheapest car in India is about 12 times the anniversary per capita assets of a citizen, while in the US it is about one-third the boilerplate income. Burghal India's adulation activity with the auto is scandalous: the country's bristles mega metros accept over 40 lakh cars out of a absolute vehicular citizenry of 10 crore, its auto bazaar growing by 26 per cent aftermost year. India is paralysed by its traffic.