Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Review Bolly Wood

2010 was a year of mega surprises at the box office - big budgets, all star-casts, ambitious "crossover" dreams and heavy pre-release publicity didn't help most of the big releases of the year, as they sank without a trace and were seen on satellite television within 2 months of their theatrical release. In contrast, small, humble sleepers made on shoestring budgets which boasted of rank newcomers behind and in front of the camera laughed their way to the bank, raking in unheard of returns at the box office as well as critical acclaim.

Here's a look at ten films of the year; 5 "indie" movies which featured art house and well-received satire, vis-a-vis 5 of their their glitzy cousins, made on lavish budgets and with tremendous expectations that tanked miserably. Clearly, this was the year of the story-teller and not the filmmaker.