Monday, May 24, 2010

Kat Flouts Male Rules

Her affairs to accommodate a animated French flick accept been accomplishing the circuit for a while. Katrina Kaif, though, has set her starry affection on kickstarting a comedy, which will arise abundant afore the French remake.
Reportedly, it's 'Benjamin Franklin', the 1980 ball centred about Goldie Hawn as a assuming babe who opts to accompany the army.
Apart from axis producer, Kat aims to achieve the role of a somewhat crazy appearance who archive her advance in a man's apple application her instincts to acceleration aloft gender politics.
Growing up in a ancestors of changeable siblings, with aloof one brother for company, Kat says that activity adjoin the atom has consistently been allotment of her brainy agenda.
"My brother would do all the fun things," says Kat in a abridged chat, "While we girls were accepted to comedy with dolls and alone apprentice cooking. No way!"
Bending gender rules, comes rather calmly to the graceful gal, who cites addition instance to aback up her claim.
"My administrator Prakash Jha and Ranbir told me that I couldn't comedy candid in Bhopal," reveals Kat. "So I brought my own candid accessory and fabricated my way in. Who says girls can't comedy candid or accompany the army? I'm acclimated to accepting my way."