Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pune Girl To Hollywood Hottie

She's a perky Pune girl who's going places! In Hollywood, that is. At 26, Noureen DeWulf, an Indian Muslim actress has managed what no B Town actress has managed so far.
In a span of three years, Noureen has broken into the Hollywood casting arena landing roles in flicks of A listers such as Jennifer Lopez ('The Back Up Plan'), Mathew McConaughey ('Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past') and Ving Rhames ('Mission Impossible' series), besides a clutch of other notable films.
Furthermore, when she made her H'wood debut in 2007, Noureen was chosen by an American magazine as "one of the most desirable women on the planet."
Noureen's success seems to have surprised herself too, among many others. The Urdu Gujarati English speaking Muslim girl has certainly come a long way.
Noureen's delighted to be essaying a Muslim character in her forthcoming biggie flick: 'The Taqwacores' based on the best selling book by Michael Muhammad Knight.
Says Noureen in a tabloid chat, "I may look very American, but am very Indian at heart. The competition is unimaginable. I really don't know I've gotten so far and it's a mystery to me. I'm planning to come down to India and if there's a good Bollywood film going for me, I'd like to do it. It'll be like going back to my roots."
Filmmakers, take your clue