Friday, May 21, 2010

Kites Stunning on Screens

Ten years back, Hrithik Roshan was 'launched' in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. The blur was about a adulation news - a clichéd one at that - with abundant masala befuddled in the anatomy of twists-and-turns, thrills, anxiety and some appropriate music. Plus, audiences cool out over a well-built, handsome youngster who danced like a dream, bashed up the bad guys and fabricated women go anemic in their knees with his histrionics. The blur was a accident hit.

A decade later, Kites seems to serve a agnate purpose - advertise the abounding talents of Hrithik Roshan - alone this time to an 'international' audience. So the babe he romances is a Mexican blur star, the locales Hollywood-like, the active time abundant beneath and the cine interspersed with bisected a dozen hunt sequences, an according cardinal of smooches and some beauteous cinematography. The story, sadly, charcoal as accustomed as that of Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, admitting afterwards the ample of ball Hrithik's admission flick offered to the boilerplate Indian viewer.

Jai aka J (Hrithik) is a adroit guy from Las Vegas, attractive to accomplish a quick buck. Gina (Kangna), babe of a affluent coffer buyer avalanche in adulation with him and J, with an eye on her wealth, fake-romances her in return. His plan is simple - ally the affluent guy's babe and get her money. The actuality that her ancestor (Kabir Bedi) and brother Tony (Nick Brown) are mobsters makes his job that abundant tougher of course.

But back he meets Tony's fiancé Natasha (Barbara), his activity turns topsy turvy. He wants the money and luxuries a activity with Gina would get him, but he additionally finds himself angrily fatigued to Natasha, and she too starts reciprocating. Eventually, it turns out Natasha is marrying Tony for the money aloof like J is bluffing Gina.

The two, though, anon accord in to their animosity and afterwards J gets into a affray with Tony, the lovers elope, no added anxious about accepting rich. You see, 'love is the best important affair in the world.' Now they accept abyss and the badge on their heels and the two administer to accord them the blooper every distinct time (obviously), afore Tony assuredly catches up with them. What happens then?

Kites starts off well. The characters are grey, the clip quick and the advance brace is smoker hot. The additional bisected has some absorbing moments too, like the ones area J and Natasha boodle a coffer and allotment their dreams with anniversary other. The disability of the two lovers to absolutely accept the other's emphasis is agreeable in places, but doesn't eventually add abundant to the ball the way you apprehend it to.

The botheration with Kites is that it doesn't absorb you consistently. You get complex intermittently, but the abutting moment you admiration area it's going. The blur is the affectionate that relies added on analysis because the artifice itself is wafer-thin. And alike admitting administrator Anurag Basu does a admirable job in giving the blur a attending that takes your animation abroad initially, you appetite to ask, 'story kahaan hai boss?'

In fact, Basu's analysis of the accountable and some accomplished behind-the-camera assignment by the film's DOP Anayanka Bose accomplish the blur agilely watchable, alike if alone to a point.

Towards the end, Kites tries to tie the afar knots but the acme leaves you unaffected, alike if the ambition is absolutely the opposite. In fact, you don't accept why the blur confused from adrenaline-pumping-thriller-mode to melancholically-romantic-tragedy-gear in the aboriginal place.

The advance performers accept done able-bodied and both attending like a amateur bucks on screen. But let's get one affair clear: casting two actual acceptable attractive bodies calm does not necessarily construe into 'chemistry.' Hrithik and Barbara do attending like a brace fabricated from heaven but you don't absolutely ache for the two to get calm or feel bad back they don't.

It's adamantine to see what affectionate of a approaching Barbara has in Bollywood with her emphasis and alien appeal, but the woman can act. Die-hard Hrithik admirers will apparently aberration out this time about too. The guy has style, allure and a abundant personality, and flaunts it to the maximum.

But because the blur is declared to appearance Western audiences what Hrithik can do, it's adamantine to see how bodies there would acknowledge to his ever artificial acting. In the arena area Barbara tells him that she would never leave him, appear what may, Hrithik goes hammer-and-tongs with his nostrils-flaring, eyes-brimming, lips-twitching acting. That little bit of overacting apart, the guy's done well.

Nick Brown as Tony is hilarious, accidentally of course. His emphasis and acting admonish you of, accept it or not, Upen Patel. Abundant said. And why Kangna agreed to do a role which would accept more good ill-fitted a model-turned-struggling amateur is article you don't absolutely affliction about.

Kites may not be a bad film, but it's the affectionate of blur you don't affliction about abundant afterwards accepting watched it. It may not piss you off like some absolutely abject films you've had to buck in contempo times, but you don't like it abundant either. At best, you are aloof to it.

Watch it alone if you are a die-hard Hrithik fan and addition with low expectations.