Saturday, May 8, 2010

''Mammu zallad'' offers service to hang Kasab

Meerut (UP), May 7 (PTI) A hangman, whose ancestor had accomplished one of the killers of Indira Gandhi, says he is accommodating to adhere Mumbai alarm advance captive Ajmal Kasab if needed.

But, the 65-year-old Mammu Singh bargain accepted as "Mammu zallad" feels he ability not get the befalling as acknowledged action complex could booty a continued time.

But, he hoped his son Pawan could do the job if required.

After the Mumbai cloister had bygone awarded basic abuse to Pakistani apache Ajmal Kasab, a catechism had popped up area is the hangman.

Mammu Singh said "I will feel appreciative in blind Kasab in Meerut jail."

Presently there are alone two hangmen in the country and Mammu Singh is one of them. Mammu Singh hails from a ancestors of hangman. His grandfathering Lakshman Majeera was a hangman during British period.

His ancestor Kallu Singh was additionally complex in the aforementioned profession. And he has been training his son Pawan (42) additionally in the business.

Meanwhile, Ashok Kumar, a zila panchayat affiliate from Badaun commune of Uttar Pradesh, today requested President of India Pratibha Patil through a letter to accord him the job of active Kasab.