Monday, May 17, 2010

Mexican Spice

In a blush off accept outfit, Barbara Mori is arising activity aural the chichi bristles brilliant borders of a burghal Mumbai hotel. What's better, Mori's managing it deftly.

The nude lip gloss, smartly styled duster and apt accomplish up, all add up to her magic. A accomplished frown for the camera eye, now smiling, now authoritative a moue, now serious, now giggly…Mori's visage mirrors the animosity abaft the words, as the Mexican brilliant bats a alternation of queries with arresting ease.

Of alloyed ancestry, Mori gets her Japanese surname from her benevolent grandfather. Her modelling assignment at an aboriginal age in Mexico, paved the way for television and Mori went on to bag acclamation and awards for her assuming in 'Azul Tequila' and 'Rubi'.

Besides, Mori additionally has a admirable filmography which includes the abundant acclaimed 'My Brother's Wife'. Undoubtedly, 'Kites' offers her the all-around spotlight, as the flick had already bagged centrestage at Cannes in 1999, actualization its 'first look', with Mori walking the coveted red carpet.

In a chargeless wheeling babble Mori sheds ablaze on the Roshan production, administrator Anurag Basu, claimed issues and more. Presenting some blunt excerpts…

On 'Kites'

"It's a actual appropriate blur in every which way. 'Kites' is my aboriginal activity film. It's my aboriginal big account film, afar from actuality my aboriginal Bollywood cine and my aboriginal English film. I accept never done annihilation like this before."

On co amateur Hrithik Roshan

"The best allotment about Hrithik is that afar from actuality a acceptable actor, he is a actual accomplished animal being. He was consistently about for me. And he's such a accurate on the sets that he was demography affliction of every distinct detail. I hadn't watched any Bollywood movies afore I active 'Kites'. Again I saw 'Jodhaa Akbar' and I was like, is he activity to be like this in 'Kites' too? After that I saw 'Koi ..Mil Gaya' and 'Lakshya' and realised what a aces amateur he is."

On Natasha

"My appearance is that of a babe who has a ample family. She has brothers and a mother who is ailing for best of the time. She needs a lot of money to abutment her ancestors and she thinks that the best way to do it is to acquisition and ally a affluent man. She does acquisition Tony, who is a actual affluent man in Las Vegas, but she additionally finds that she does not adulation him. She loves addition else! Now she has to accept amid adulation and money! What happens again is what 'Kites' is all about. If you do appetite to abatement in love, go and see 'Kites'.

On kissing onscreen

"After I absitively to do 'Kites', I did see a few Bollywood movies. And I begin that whenever there is a kissing scene, the camera goes off… to addition scene! I begin that absolutely funny. In Mexican films we accept so abundant kissing and no one makes a big accord out of it. Aback I had to do a kissing arena for 'Kites' I asked Hrithik if it was such a big amount in India. And he told me that, no, things are alteration in the country now…"

On Bollywood dancing

"I was actual afraid about the dancing aspect in Bollywood. In Mexico, we don't accept abundant of dancing in our films. They are added realistic. Aback I aboriginal met Rakesh Roshan and administrator Anurag Basu in Los Angeles, I asked them if I would be appropriate to ball in 'Kites', because I apperceive how important dancing is to Hindi films. But they assured me that it would be taken affliction of. I was not at all adequate accomplishing all the Indian ball moves."

On administrator Anurag Basu

"He's such a chargeless spirit! He has such a acceptable soul. And really, he could additionally be absolutely a blend (laughs). Sometimes, he'd appear to the sets absolutely extemporaneous as to which arena he capital to blur and how he would go about accomplishing it. But, he consistently knew what he capital and knew how to adviser us so that we could bear what he had in mind. He gave us lot of allowance to improvise."

On Cannes spotlight

" In 1999, I absolved the red carpeting at Cannes with Rakesh Roshan on one duke and Hrithik on the added aback the 'first look' of 'Kites' was apparent at the Cannes International Blur Festival. It was a abundant moment! It acquainted aces and at the aforementioned time, it was a actual affecting moment for me."

On ambrosial Indian Food

"I don't like Indian aliment because it is so spicy! (makes a face). In Mexico, we accept the advantage of abacus aroma to our meals, which is accustomed alone so that we can accept our aliment ambrosial or beneath spicy. I eat rice and craven aback I'm actuality in India."

On aggressive cancer

"I was 29, aback I got cancer. Luckily, my breast blight was detected at a actual aboriginal date and so it could be cured. I didn't accept to go in for chemotherapy or added such treatment."

"I feel that God gave me blight for a reason. I had aggregate activity for me. A acceptable career, a son, money, a nice blessed family, and yet I was complaining! About the traffic, about baby issues! So God said, 'Let me accord you this blight so that you will be beholden for what I accept accustomed you'. It was a reminder."

"The ache accomplished me that you charge get pleasure what you accept in your activity today, because you don't apperceive what tomorrow ability accept in abundance for you."

On modelling

"I was alive in a restaurant aback a archetypal coordinator spotted me and asked me to do an ad commercial. I thought, let me go advanced and accord it a shot. I did it and fell in adulation with the camera. In Mexico, modelling was additionally actual boxy because there were so abounding added admirable girls who were models too."

On television

"I accept done my allotment of soap operas on television. But actually, I don't like watching television. I'd rather apprehend a acceptable book."

On aerial kites

"I'm not aerial any kites in the film. But yes, in absolute activity I've aureate kites with my twelve year old son. But if there was anytime a aeroplane aerial antagonism amid Hrithik and me, I think… I would win (laughs). That way, Hrithik is acceptable in everything, but I absolutely feel that if we do attempt in aeroplane flying, I would absolutely win."

On approaching flicks

"There accept been some offers and I am because one of them. Of course, I will consistently attending to the Roshans for admonition because they are like family. If all affairs abatement in place, I should be aback in India in abutting January to alpha cutting for the film."